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Performance Measures/Data

Smart Location Database
This is a consistent nationwide GIS data resource for measuring location efficiency. It includes over 90 variables characterizing the built environment, transit service, destination accessibility, employment, and demographics at the census block group scale. Users can download data for their selected region, view data online in an interactive map, or access the data through a variety of web services.

Sustainable Communities Census Hot Report
This database gives community leaders and residents a quick and easy way to determine how well a community is performing on a variety of sustainability indicators. The HotReport includes indicators for Transportation, Housing, Economic development, Income and Equity using data from the US Census Bureau. You can select your community and view charts, tables, and maps showing performance trends over time. You can also select other communities that you consider as "peer" or comparison communities.

Guide to Sustainable Transportation Performance Measures
This guidebook, the outgrowth of a Smart Growth Implementation Assistance project assisting the California Department of Transportation, describes opportunities for transportation agencies to incorporate environmental, economic, and social sustainability into decision-making through the use of performance measures.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics Livability Program
The Livability Program page lists numerous data sources to help policy makers and transportation planners assess and evaluate transportation’s role in creating livable communities.

Community Planning and Development Performance Measurement
HUD publishes collected data on the outcomes of activities funded by its Formula Grant Assistance programs.

Smart Mobility 2010: A Call to Action for the New Decade (PDF 132p 15.44MB)
The Smart Mobility Framework emphasizes measures to improve travel choices, build healthy, livable communities, increase reliable travel times for people and freight, and safety for all users. It was developed in California with support from EPA and DOT.

Transit Performance Measurement website
A site maintained by the Federal Transit Administration describing effective and implementable measures.

Performance-Based Transit-Oriented Development Typology Guidebook (Exit Disclaimer)
Developed by the Center for Transit Oriented Development, with support from DOT, this guidebook is a hands-on tool for identifying the different conditions that exist around transit stations and determining how that influences performance on a range of metrics.

Highway Performance Measurement
This Federal Highway Administration website includes a description of transportation performance measures, key steps in their development, and major issues and examples.

Updated: Thursday, October 31, 2013
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