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Partnership Regional Offices

Building sustainable communities starts with you. Want to do more?

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Visit the HUD, DOT, and EPA web pages on livability and sustainable communities to explore what each agency is doing individually, with the Partnership, and with other partners to support sustainable communities.

Get Involved

The Partnership for Sustainable Communities is working to support local communities building livable and sustainable places all over the country. We'd like to hear your personal story about why your community is a great place to live, or how you are working to make your neighborhood healthier, safer, and more walkable. Send us a paragraph or two about your community, along with photos of the places and elements that make your neighborhood more livable. Email the Partnership for Sustainable Communities at:

Partnership Regional Offices

The map below will help you find HUD, DOT, and EPA regional contacts at work in your state. Click a state below to get contact information for the Partnership agencies’ offices in your area.

Updated: Tuesday, November 10, 2015
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