Partnership for Sustainable Communities Code-a-Thon

Do you have what it takes to help communities be more sustainable and livable? Join the Partnership for Sustainable Communities Code-A-Thon and develop Code for Livability.

  • When: January 22, 2012
  • Where:
    • -American Public Transportation Association, Washington, DC

What: The Partnership for Sustainable Communities and The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy are hosting a code-a-thon at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) to bring together citizens, web developers, and agency staff to work on solutions that bring sustainability to the forefront of peoples’ everyday lives.

Why: The code-a-thon will provide citizens and government agencies with innovative uses of existing data and information to make informed choices.

Who: You should participate if you’re passionate about our livability principles, if you’re a community leader who needs tools to solve sustainability problems, or a developer who wants to help citizens and government work better together.

What problems can we solve together?

We have developed some initial problem statements to help get the conversation started. Join our Google Group to continue to the discussion! Refine these problems, or introduce some problems of your own. As long as your problem statement aligns with our livability principles, it’s fair game for the code-a-thon.